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Before you begin your audition and rehearsal process, get to know your script inside and out. Grab a comfy seat, a good coffee, a pair of headphones and a pencil. Start from the top, read through and play the music in real time. Go to town on your script with notes, ideas, and how you imagine each scene will look. You'll be done in no time.

Wait a couple of days, or a week, come back with a fresh mind and do it all again! This time, you'll start to frame your ideal cast members, how your production is going to look, and how long you think rehearsals to create your vision for the show is going to take. On blank paper begin to map out scene-by-scene placement and movement of the characters.

In addition, using French scenes to know exactly when cast members enter and exit is hugely beneficial. It will help you better understand how a scene might look, and will be very helpful for the stage manager and technicians when it comes to preparing for the performances. This will allow you to be more focused in rehearsal, giving you more room to adapt and create, rather than thinking on your feet!