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Know your history

Whether you are a community theater, college or school, the show you choose has implications for ticket sales, local or regional knowledge of your company, and retaining and growing a great team of people season after season. Theatre has the unique ability to transform, educate and entertain scores of people from all walks of life. While pushing the boundaries of education and introducing audiences is incredibly important, try and be pragmatic! Look back at previous productions at your school, college or community theater:

    * Which productions were well received?

    * How can you expand upon themes important to your community?

    * What themes are appropriate for your school but also educational and fun?

The licensing experts at Samuel French will help you discover your next project with these factors in mind. Samuel French is proud to be proactive in understanding your community, your college, or school.

Tips for starting the conversation

Collecting information on your audience is challenging, but can be gathered in both formal and informal ways, and become equally useful to you when deciding upon your next season or show.

    * Distribute a short questionnaire at your performances, host a feedback form on your website, or send out an email blast to your audience. Ask them questions about the show, include questions that ask them about your show's prevailing themes, their critique of the show, and what they might like to see more of.

    * Hang out before the show, during intermission, and after the show. Speak to your patronage. Ask them about the show and be prepared for every response. Be open and welcoming to your patronage's point of view.

    * Invite local press to your productions and be ready for the reviews. Take note of the critiques that are applicable to your region.