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Your community, college and school theatre programs are vital parts of the theatre community. You develop our next generation of rising stars, theatre enthusiasts, technicians and managers, giving them the opportunity to learn, grow and develop skills for the future. The joy of amateur theatre is the variety of participants that are involved to make your show a success. Learning their individual strengths, and maximizing these to their benefit and the advantage of your production not only ensures success, but provides a framework for the possibilities for your show.

Your institutional knowledge is invaluable, and understanding what talent resources you have can determine whether you are able to do large or smaller cast sizes. Also consider the possibility of cast doubling, allowing for one or more actors to do the same role; splitting roles that are ordinarily required of one actor enables greater participation and a better use of the strengths of your cast members. On the other hand, if the script allows for the opportunity to cast actors in multiple roles, you can reduce costs and maximize the abilities of stronger cast members. A great time to collect information on your participants is during a fair - but rigorous - audition process. We know that the range of singing ability varies widely; this should be taken into consideration when picking your ideal musical. Samuel French offers song-by-song transposition services, at an additional cost.


A significant element of any musical is the orchestra. The complexity and size of any arrangement is an important element to consider when determining the feasibility of any show. With this in mind, Samuel French has developed SFTracks, designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, to put your orchestra in your pocket, making rehearsals and performances great. These are not your usual backing tracks. Change keys, tempo, add vamps and cut music with the click of a mouse!