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The most valuable resource in any organization's arsenal is time. You may be a large community theater, a leading performing arts school, or a smaller institution, creating great art with a smaller budget. Regardless of your finances, determining the time you have for auditions, rehearsals, and the length of the performance run will influence the difficulty, length, size of cast, design requirements and, therefore, the particular show you choose.

Producers and Directors should look beyond themselves in determining the time needed to craft a great show. Community theatre is often comprised of volunteers who have often spent time in the arts, while college and school productions make use of teachers, families, students and local volunteers. Understanding their needs and the time they have to dedicate to your show will determine the flexibility you have in show size, length and physical production value.

While most communities, colleges and high schools have the capacity to do a full length, two act production, we often recommend middle schools produce a one act, 60 to 90-minute production.