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Abbott is Samuel French's new platform for play reading. Through Abbott, you can explore the largest digital collection of plays and musicals in the world on your mobile device, tablet or computer…anytime, anywhere. Whether reading for fun, for school, or for the stage – Abbott puts the world’s best scripts at your fingertips.

Being an avid play reader is the mark of a true theatre lover. After all, the dramatists' work is at the center of our art form. You can often gauge a life in the theatre by the number of play scripts on a person's shelf, as varied and distinct as the rings of a great tree.
Samuel French is proud to be a part of this great tradition and is thrilled to announce Abbott, the next evolution in play reading. Abbott is a digital app for reading plays and musicals on your mobile device and computer. Long an advocate for the ePlay format, Samuel French has developed this app to make reading digital versions of scripts even easier. We've been working all year on creating an intuitive and simple experience for reading on your phone or tablet. Abbott features recommendations and curated content, making it easier than ever to find your next script.

You can access Abbott for Free to preview ePlays and to read ePlays you have purchased. You can also subscribe to Abbott by selecting a subscription package below. Learn more about accessing purchased ePlays on Abbott here. Customers can also subscribe to Abbott for access to all Abbott titles, by selecting one of three Abbott subscriptions:

Subscription levels are flexible,  and can be changed at anytime. Upgrades take effect immediately after payment, and downgrades take effect at the next billing point.

Introducing Abbott
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Abbott is currently in a Beta launch. If you have problems or questions about the app, check out the FAQsor email info@samuelfrench.com.

Abbott For Authors

Dramatists Guild Members can claim a free, one-year subscription to Abbott. While access to titles in Abbott is available for all Dramatists Guild members for free, Samuel French will continue to cover the cost of royalties for all titles rented through this program.  Click here to claim your account.

Featured Titles on Abbott