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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to help you take advantage of Abbott. Contact us at info@samuelfrench.com if you need additional help.

Abbott puts the plays of Samuel French in your pocket.

Abbott is Samuel French's new platform for play reading. Through Abbott, you can explore the largest digital collection of plays and musicals

in the world on your mobile device, tablet or computer…anytime, anywhere. Whether reading for fun, for school, or for the stage –

Abbott puts the world’s best scripts at your fingertips.

Creating an account on Abbott is easy. All you need is a free Samuel French account to gain access.  You can create your free Samuel

French account here. If you already have a Samuel French account, you can log in here.

To access your Abbott account, simply visit www.AbbottReader.com, and log in with your Samuel French account log in.

You can access Abbott for Free to preview and browse through all of our ePlays. Users can also purchase and permanently access an ePlay

on Abbott while having a free account. Learn more about accessing purchased ePlays on Abbott here.

Customers can also subscribe to Abbott for unlimited access to all Abbott titles, by selecting one of three Abbott subscriptions:

  • Light Reader - 2 rentals for month for $9.95
  • Moderate Reader - 5 rentals per month for $19.95
  • Avid Reader - 10 rentals per month for $29.95

All subscriptions are quarterly, and are active for three months. Access to titles under an Abbott subscription are on the monthly

level, allowing you 3 times a quarter to pick new plays to read.

After subscribing to Abbott, you will receive a Welcome email with a link to access Abbott.

Of course! It's easy to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your Abbott subscription at any time. All subscription changes can be managed in

Abbott by visiting the Settings tab in Abbott. You can also visit the My Account screen on SamuelFrench.com and modify your Abbott 

subscription through the Abbott tab in the left hand column. A notification email will be sent confirming your action.

Cancelling an Abbott Subscription - To cancel your Abbott subscription, visit the Settings tab in Abbott and scroll to the bottom. 

There you will see the "Cancel" button, which deactivates your account when clicked. 

Upgrading/Downgrading an Abbott Subscription - To upgrade or downgrade your Abbott subscription, visit the Settings tab in Abbott

and select the desired subscription level.

Absolutely! All ePlays purchased on the Samuel French website will be added to your Abbott account, whether or not you have a subscription.

Your ePlays will be accessible in Abbott under Purchased ePlays, as well as through the Abbott tab on the My Account screen. In order to 

purchase ePlays through SamuelFrench.com, you will need to be logged in to your account. 

You can find a guide for accessing purchased ePlays on Abbott here

Abbott is perfect for reading plays on the go. To take Abbott with you will need to add our web app to your device.

Abbott is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, and the web. 

You can find a guide for saving Abbott to your device here