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Applying for Licensing rights to a Samuel French title can be a daunting process. But we constantly strive to make the process as painless and straightforward as possible. 

Please understand that not every title in our catalog is licensed the same way. Some titles can be licensed automatically through our website with no restrictions. Other titles require additional conversation and may be restricted. Also, the Licensing fees often vary from title to title. These are based on the category of your performing group (Amateur or Professional), the agreement with the author, and the availability of the title. 

Below, you'll find a basic walkthrough on how to apply for rights through our website. If you have additional questions, consult our FAQ or contact us at licensing@samuelfrench.com.

Step One

If you know the name or author of the show that you would like to apply for, please enter it into the search box above. Or explore our catalog by using our Advanced Search.

Once you've found a show that you are interested in producing, click on the title to open the detailed product page for that show.  On this page you will find a button labeled "Request License."  Click on this button to start your application. 

Step Two

Before clicking “next” and filling out your application details you must fill out all 3 required contact fields: Producing Organization, Billing Contact, & Venue. We need to know who the license will be for, who is planning to pay for it, and where you are performing. Once you have established these contacts in the Samuel French system they will remain available to you for easy use on your next application.

The same contact may be used for multiple fields if it is appropriate. Producing and Billing organizations must be the same. Individuals may apply as a Producing Organization. Add "Productions" after your last name when applying. (Note: Multi-venue or touring license requests should contact your licensing representative directly at licensing@samuelfrench.com)

Step Three

Once you submit your organization details, it is time to tell us about your production.

There are four steps to the application process:

1. Project Details
2. Review/Submit Request
3. Accept Agreement
4. Payment

Please provide as much detail as possible beyond the required fields. The more information we have from you, the easier and quicker it will be to process your application.

If applying for performance rights in the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland) please apply through our Samuel French London office by clicking here.