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Ariel Mitchell

Ariel Mitchell

Ariel Mitchell hails from a small island in the Chesapeake Bay. She began her writing career in her sophomore year of high school with "Mask Club" (book, lyrics, and some music), a musical about high school students choosing and changing their identities like masks. She earned her BA in Playwriting (Music minor) April 2013 from Brigham Young University and her MFA in Musical Theatre Writing May 2015 from New York University. She has written several plays including "Give Me Moonlight," a play inspired by Scotty's Castle in Death Valley, and "A Second Birth," a play about an afghan girl who was raised as a boy, for which she was awarded the KCACTF Harold and Mimi Steinberg 2013 National Student Playwriting Award, third place for the 2013 David Mark Cohen Award, and the 2011 Vera Hinckley Mayhew Award. Her most recent work, "MORMONish" (book and lyrics), a semi-autobiographical musical dramedy, tells the story of a half Mormon, half Jewish girl searching for where she fits in a family where everyone believes something different.   As well as writing for stage, TV, and screen, she has also dramaturged many productions including "The Completely Fictional — Utterly True — Strange Final Tale of Edgar Allan Poe" at Centerstage in Baltimore, "Steel Magnolias" at the Echo Theatre in Provo, Utah, "What the Bellhop Saw" at the Utah Repertory Theater in Murray, Utah, and "Selections from Gone Missing and The Cleverest Thief," a devised piece, at BYU.  


Samuel French Titles by Ariel Mitchell