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Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns grew up thinking she was 100% Irish Catholic; then, to her surprise, at 18 years of age, she found out that she was only 50% Irish Catholic. The other 50% was Russian Jew! With an identity crisis like that, she figured that she should get into something sensible and rational that would give her a strong sense of reality, and help her figure out who she "really was," so she became an actress. After acting and working in theatre in other jobs, an insightful friend suggested that Ms. Burns write a play. And living by her motto, made famous by Autie Mame, “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!," Ms. Burns began her playwriting career. She has travelled internationally and around the United States; started her own business, The Vampire Tour of San Francisco, for which she wrote the script and performed for over 10 years; and was married at "the young age of 57." She incorporates these and other experiences into her writing. She has 5 plays published by Samuel French:  Psycho Night at the Paradise Lounge, A Slice of Blarney, and the collection If God Wanted Us to Fly..., which includes Terminal Terror, On Hold at 30,000 Feet, and Identity Crisis. Ms. Burns is grateful for the opportunities she has had in the theatre and in her life, and in her own words: "I’m not done yet, so as long as I have my sense of humor and time to cap on it and my life, there will be more to come."


Samuel French Titles by Kitty Burns