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T. Gregory Argall

T. Gregory  Argall

T. Gregory Argall, the other Canadian playwright, is the author of more than 20 stageplays. He lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada with his wife, Margaret, his son, Robert, and Lefty Stitchnibbler, the Wondercat. In addition to writing for the stage, Mr. Argall has also written several screenplays, at least two of which have been in random states of development for an annoying amount of time. He is also one of the creative minds behind the sketch comedy podcast, "Yer Mom's A Podcast." When not writing, Mr. Argall can be found perfecting his pogo-stick skydiving technique, or juggling pine trees on the beaches of Antarctica. (Who are we kidding? He's never not writing.) If you are one who does such things, you can find him on Facebook as T. Gregory Argall, the Other Canadian Playwright. Be sure to "like" him. He's quite likeable.


Samuel French Titles by T. Gregory Argall