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Casio Abe

Casio Abe

Born in 1958, Casio Abe is the author of several books on Japanese film and popular culture. His most recent books include “Nihon Eiga no 21 Seiki ga Hajimaru” (2005 Kinema Junposha), “Mikio Naruse” (2005 Kawade Shobo Shinsha), “Boku ha Konna Nichijo ya Kanjo de dekiteimasu” (2007 Shobunsha) and “Manga ha Ugoku” (2008 Izumi Shobo). He was a specially appointed professor in Faculty of Arts, Course of Philosophy and Creative Writing at Rikkyo University from 2007-March 2012. He is a critic, poet and associate professor at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Letters, Filmology and Cultural Studies of Representation since April 2012. He reviews films, subculture and literature from fresh perspectives using various techniques with the ability to reconstruct in great detail. He is one of the few with monographs in both areas of film and subculture.  

He published his first poetry book in 2008.