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Aleksei Arbuzov*

Aleksei Arbuzov was born in Moscow on May 26, 1908. He was orphaned at the age of ten and raised by his aunt. His first contact with the theatre came at the age of fourteen, when he was hired as an extra at the Marinski Theatre of St. Petersburg. Afterward, he moved on to directing and started his own theatre group by the age of twenty. He began his career as a writer at twenty-two, writing the first of his thirty plays at that time. During World War II, he helped to form a drama group, that played to soldiers. He continued to write and direct, as well as teach, up to his death on April 20, 1986. His plays include Rank, Six Lovers, Long Way, Tania, Get With Youth, European Chronicles, Years Of Wandering, Twelfth Hour, Irkutsk Story, The Promise, Nocturnal Confession and An Old Fashioned Comedy. His screenplays include Poor Marik, Old Arbat Fairytales, An Old-Fashioned Comedy, The Choice, and Memories.