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Ralph G. Allen

Ralph G. Allen is most famous for having conceived, along with Harry Rigby, the musical comedy Sugar Babies. Allen had traveled around the United States interviewing elderly comedians and taking down their comedy sketches. He wrote a revue, which would later become Sugar Babies, based on his collection of approximately 5000 comedy sketches. The show opened on October 8, 1979, and ran for 1208 performances before closing on August 28, 1982. Allen's other plays include a rendition of Rip van Winkle, co-authored by Joshua Logan in 1976, The Tax Collector in 1977, and Honky Tonk Nights, a 1986 collaboration with David Campbell, and Tucaret. Allen also wrote several books including Theatre and Drama in the Making in 1964 and Gaiety: the life and times of the American Burlesque Show in 1980.


Samuel French Titles by Ralph G. Allen