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Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis has worked as a director and educator since earning an MA in theatre, accumulating approximately 150 full-length productions to her directing credit. She was a Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee member in Chicago, was Suburban Coordinator for SEASON OF CONCERN: the theatre community fights AIDS, created a handful of improvisation troupes, put together original mime shows, and toured / created / wrote / directed children's theatre. Ms. Davis recently retired from teaching after doing so for thirty-seven years, having taught theatre in an inner city high school, a community college and the last fifteen years in a middle school--for which she created the entire theatre program and syllabus, as well as writing fourteen plays, each performed sixteen times over the school year by different students for their parents, teachers, other students, and administrators. When she taught high school, she helped students create and perform their own scenarios, as mentioned by former high school drama student Don Cheadle on "Inside the Actor's Studio". "Look for the Good" fulfills her dream, goal and passion to write a play that espouses precepts that touch and inspire others in a meaningful way.