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Robin Hawdon

Robin Hawdon

Robin Hawdon British playwright especially known for the popularity of his comedies. Mr. Hawdon’s plays are amongst the most frequently produced around the world – his name is as well known abroad as in his native Great Britain. At any one moment there are likely to be at least twenty productions of various titles, old and new, running in various countries. Many of his plays are published by Samuel French. Over recent years his plays have appeared in mainstream theatres in the UK, New York, Paris, Moscow, Warsaw, Krakow, Bonn, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Italy, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, and in hundreds of smaller theatres across every continent. Their popularity, amongst professional and amateur companies alike, is due to the fast pace and comic complexity of their plot lines, combined with an essential humanity and reality in their characterisation. www.robinhawdon.com


Samuel French Titles by Robin Hawdon