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Jeffrey Qaiyum

Jeffrey Qaiyum

JQ made his Off Broadway debut when he laid down the beats as DJ/Composer for the smash Shakespearean "add-RAP-tation", The Bomb-itty of Errors. Along with his brother, GQ, he co-created, co-directed, composed and starred in the original productions of Othello: The Remix and Funk It Up About Nothin'. J co-wrote and starred in the hip-hop/sketch comedy TV show, Scratch and Burn for MTV. For his brother’s film, Just Another Story (Showtime), he created the score and original soundtrack. J produced the solo hip-hop album Foul Mouth Poet under his moniker J.A.Q., and other albums including Smashing (The Grommits) The Good Thief (Postell), Go Strong And Call It Awesome! (Stop, Revolt) and The Feel Good Album Of The Year (Q Brothers). He was the lead singer of Them vs. Them, a Chicago rock band, and is currently co-host (with oldest brother TQ) of Smallflower TV, a video blog about natural health and body care based on Merz Apothecary, the family business.


Samuel French Titles by Jeffrey Qaiyum