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Stark Young

Stark Young

Stark Young (1881 – 1963) was an American teacher, playwright, novelist, painter, literary critic and essayist. Young taught at the University of Mississippi in 1905-1907, and then moved to the University of Texas at Austin. There he established the Texas Review and became involved with theater. In 1915 he moved to Amherst College where he taught English until 1921. He resigned to pursue other interests and moved to New York City, New York. In New York he was appointed as an editor of Theater Arts Magazine and as drama critic for The New Republic. Young worked at The New Republic until his retirement in 1947. During this period he was involved with the theater in New York and wrote several plays. Young's plays include: Guenevere, Addio, Madretta, At The Shrine, The Star In The Trees, Twilight Saint, The Dead Poet, The Seven Kings and the Wind, and The Queen of Sheba, to name a few. Young received the Order of the Crown of Italy for a series of lectures on American theater. He served on the board of New York University and was a critic for the New York Times.


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