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Jay Hopkins

Jay Hopkins

Jay Hopkins has been an actor, improviser, director, playwright, and producer in Orlando, Florida since 1989. In 1992, He joined the SAK Theatre Comedy Lab and worked as a performer, Head of Education and ultimately one of SAK's most prolific Artistic Producers. While at SAK, Mr. Hopkins created and/or directed several improvisation-based shows including: Nearsighted Justice, Foolish Hearts, Captain Goodness Vs. The Injustice League, The Seven Faces of Cinderella, The Big Oz, and The Audition.In 2004 with his wife Diana, Mr. Hopkins founded the Jester Theater Company, Orlando's only professional All-Comedy Theater. Jester Theater is dedicated to explore, create and produce comedy in all its forms. As Artistic Director, Mr. Hopkins has chosen a strong variety of comedies from farce to serio-comic, from slapstick to sitcom and Jester Theater has created original works which include the revival of Nearsighted Justice, Is This Seat Taken?, Well...Since You Asked, and The Iliad, Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less (published by Samuel French). Mr. Hopkins has also co-authored and directed several award winning Fringe shows including: 6 Guitars, Superman Drinks, and Nashville Hurricane. When not working at one of multiple jobs, Mr. Hopkins enjoys playing poker with friends, going to movies, occasionally embarrassing himself on the golf course, but mostly spending time with his granddaughters Maddie and Katie, and his best friend in the world, his wife Diana.


Samuel French Titles by Jay Hopkins