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Don Nigro

Don Nigro

Don Nigro is among the most frequently published and widely produced playwrights in the world and has continued to build a deeply interrelated and diverse body of dramatic literature, employing a wide variety of dramatic conventions and styles of presentation. He has written monologues and epics, spare realistic dramas and surreal homicidal puppet farces, plays with music and verse plays. He continues to build the long cycle of Pendragon County plays, which traces the history of America through the lives of several related east Ohio families from the eighteenth century to the present, and features many characters whose lives are traced from youth through middle age to old age in a number of plays that may be presented in a variety of combinations. Mr. Nigro has won a Playwriting Fellowship Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (for Fisher King), twice been a finalist for the National Repertory Theatre Foundation's National Play Award (for Anima Mundi and for The Dark Sonnets of the Lady), has won grants from the Mary Roberts Reinhart Foundation (for Terre Haute) and the Ohio Arts Council, and twice been James Thurber Writer in Residence at the Thurber House in Columbus. His work has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Lithuanian and Chinese. Grotesque Lovesongs was commissioned by producer Saint Subber, and first produced at the WPA Theatre in New York. Martian Gothic was commissioned by Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York. Cincinnati, directed by John Clancy and featuring Nancy Walsh, won Fringe First and Spirit of the Fringe awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Best of Fringe at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Seascape With Sharks And Dancer has been produced by Teatr Syrena in Warsaw, Lucia Mad by Teatr Julius Slowakie in Krakow, and Grotesque Lovesongs for Polish television's theatre series. The Teatro del Fantasma has produced The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines in Mexico City and elsewhere, and his plays have also been produced in London, Vienna, Moscow, Prague, Tehran, Hong Kong, and Beijing, and in Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Wales, Slovenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and South Africa, and toured in India. The German experimental company SpielArt, based in Munich, has translated and toured two productions of his work in Germany. His plays have been produced in countless experimental venues in New York, and have been done at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the McCarter Theatre, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Capital Repertory Company, the Hypothetical Theatre, the Berkeley Stage Company, Manhattan Class Company, the People's Light and Theatre Company, the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Theatre X, Shadowbox Cabaret, the Hudson Guild Theatre, Inertia Productions, Gravity & Glass, Renaissance Theatreworks, Look At The Fish Theatre Company, the Apothecary Theatre Company, the Strain Theatre Company, and many others. In November of 2012, a Spanish version of Seascape With Sharks And Dancer, translated by Tato Alexander, and featuring her and Bruno Bichir, was produced at Teatro El Granero in Mexico City. This production was revived in Mexico City in 2013 and then toured in Mexico. In June of 2013, Marina and Mata Hari were produced in New York by Nylon Fusion Theatre Company, both plays featuring actress Tatyana Kot and directed by Ivette Dumeng. In the autumn of 2015, Gorgons was produced by the Drama Theatre of Petrozavodsk and the Drama Theatre of Yelets, in Russia. In 2016 Gorgons was produced by Aggelon Vima Theatre in Athens, Greece. Also in 2016, Don Giovanni was produced by the Yermolova Drama Theatre in Moscow, and Nebuchadnezzar was produced at Vene Theatre in Taillin, Estonia. The Russian and Estonian productions were translated into Russian by Victor Weber. A graduate of the Playwrights Workshop at the University of Iowa, Mr. Nigro has also taught there, as well as at Ohio State, Kent State, Indiana State, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The film The Manor, with Peter O'Toole, is based on his play Ravenscroft. Samuel French has published 187 of his plays in 54 volumes, and now his entire collected works, published and unpublished, now over four hundred plays, is available on the Samuel French web site. Labyrinth: The Plays of Don Nigro, and Labyrinth II, Plays of Don Nigro 2001-2011, both by Jim McGhee, provide a road map and review of Nigro's collected works.   Short Plays Monologues Full Length Plays Collections Andromeda Chained Naked to her Rock Animal Salvation Anatomies Animal Tales Appledorn Autumn Leaves Angler in the Lake of Darkness, An Banana Man and Other Plays Asmodeus Axis Sally Anima Mundi Barbary Fox and Other Plays Attack of the Puppet People Balloon Rat Ardy Fafirsin Border Warfare and Other Plays Babel of Circular Labyrinths, The Beavers on Uranus Armitage Darkpool and Other Plays Baboon God, The Blitz Beast with Two Backs Deflores and Other Plays Babylon Bogle Blood Red Roses Don Giovanni and Other Plays Ballerinas Boneyard Boar's Head Eleanora Duse Dies in Pittsburgh and Other Plays Baltic Sea Border Minstrelsy Cinderella Waltz Emotion Memory and Other Plays Banana Man Broadway Macabre Circus Animals' Desertion, The Europe After the Rain and Other Plays Barbary Fox Caliban City of Dreadful Night Foul Fiend Robert Artisson and Other Plays, The Barefoot in Nightgown by Candlelight Capone Clytemnestra Further Adventures of Tom and Huck and Other Plays Bat Capone Count of Monte Cristo in the Chateau D'If, The   Genesis and Other Plays Bible Captain Cook Curate Shakespeare As You Like It, The Ghostland and Other Plays Bohemian Seacoast, The Cassandra Proteus Dark Sonnets of the Lady Glamorgan and Other Plays Border Warfare Cauldron of Unholy Loves, A Dreams of a Sinister Castle Gorgons and Other Plays Borneo Centipedes Electra Great Gromboolian Plain and Other Plays, The Briar Rose Cincinnati Fisher King Green Man and Other Plays Brown Study Creatures Lurking in the Churchyard God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Grim Lake and Other Plays Captain Rockets Versus the Intergalactic Brain-Eaters Croatoan Horrid Massacre in Boston Labyrinth and Other Plays Childe Rowland to the Dark Tower Came Crocodile Iphigenia Le Fanu's Dream and Other Plays Christabel Crotoan Laestrygonians Machiavelli and Other Plays Chronicles Dark, The Lecture by Monsieur Artaud Murder in the Red Barn and Other Plays Come into the Garden, Maud Darkness Like a Dream Lost Generation Mutability Cantos and Other Plays Copenhagen Dead Men's Fingers Loves Labours Wonne Mysterium and Other Plays Crayfish Devoured Lucia Mad Palestrina and Other Plays Creamery Diogenes the Dog Maddalena Pendragon County Ghosts and Other Plays Creatrix Discoverie of Witchcraft, A Madonna Pictures At An Exhibition Crossing the Bar Doctor Sinistrari on Zombie Island Maelstrom Rainy Night at Lindy's And Other Plays Darkpool Dolls Mandelstam Rasputin and Other Plays Daughters of Edward D. Boit, The Drones Mariner Rat Wives and Other Plays Dead Wife, The Drowned Moon, The Martian Gothic Red King's Dream and Other Plays, The Deadly Nightshade Dutch Interiors Mephisto Sexton and Other Plays, The Defloores Entanglement Monkey Soup Something in the Basement and Other Plays Demonology Eros My Sweetheart's The Man in the Moon Stella Rose and Other Plays Devil, The Esmeralda Scorpio Nebuchadnezzar Tales from the Red Rose Inn and Other Plays Dialogue with Lemmings Etudes Without Any Pants On Nightingale The Zoar Plays Doctor Faustus Event Horizon November Watchers and Other Plays, The Don Giovanni Face in the Window Paganini What Shall I Do for Pretty Girls? And Other Plays Donkey Baseball Frankenstein Pandemonium Winchelsea Dround and Other Plays Doppelganger Full Fathom Five Paolo and Francesca Dramatis Personae Furnace Pelican Daughter Draw a Face, Win a Pig Genesis Pendragon Drury Lane German China Phantoms Egyptology Ghost Fragments, The Phoenix Eleanora Duse Dies in Pittsburgh Groundhog at the Window Punch and Judy Emotion Memory Haunted Pushkin Europe After the Rain History of the Devil, A Quint and Miss Jessel at Bly Exposition Hitchcock Blonde Ravenscroft Fair Rosamund and Her Murderer Horse Farce Reeves Tale, The Fellow of Infinite Jest, A How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth?   Robin Hood Film Noir Irish Girk Kissed in the Rain, The Runes Fog Jack in the Box Russian Play, A Foul Fiend Robert Artisson, The Joan of Arc in the Autumn Seascape with Sharks and Dancer French Gold King of the Cats Seduction Fundevogel King of the Cats, The Shadows, The Funhouse Labyrinth Sorceress Further Adventures of Tom and Huck Lemurian Fragments Sphinx Gatekeeper, The Little People, The Strange Case Gazebo Loop Tainted Justice Ghostland Lot's Wife Terre Haute Give Us a Kiss and Show Us Your Knickers Lovecraft Thane of Cawdor Glamorgan Madeline Nude in the Rain Perhaps The Ogre Goat Madrigals Tombstone God's Spies Marley's Ghost Traitors Gogol Medusa Transylvanian Clockworks, The Gogoltha Mink Ties Tristan Gorgons Mirrors Widdershins Grand Cayman Mooncalf Winkleigh Murders, The Great Gromboolian Plain, The Mountains of the Moon Great Slave Lake Mulberry Street Green Bicycle Mystery, The Narrangansett Green Man Nick Lucifer at Club Hell Grim Lake Night Over Dark Water Hagridden Nightmare with Clocks Hieronymus Bosch Normalcy Hologram Notes from the Moated Grange Horrors Nutcracker Ida Lupino in the Dark One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji In the Great Chipmunk Labyrinth Panther In the Phantom Hotel Picasso Inquest with Owls Pine Barrens, The Jezebel Pomerene Hall Last of the Dutch Hotel, The Psalms of Scattered Bones Le Fanu's Dream Rat-Catcher's Tale, The Legacy for the Mad, A Rhiannon Letters from Quebec to Providence in the Rain Rose Alley Lighthouse Scarborough Fair Lightning Rods Sophie Brancasse Looking-Glass Squirrels Loopy Rye Sudden Acceleration Loup-Garou Sybil, The Lovesong of Barney Google, The Sycorax Lucy and the Mystery of the Vine Encrusted Mansion Tale of Mr. McGregor, The Lurker Telepathy Lust and Shame in the Gingerbread House Temptation of Saint Anthony, The Machiavelli The Garden MacNaughton's Dowry The Necromancer's Puppet Theatre Major Weir Uncertainty Malefactor's Bloody Register, The Uncle Clete's Toad Marilyn Gets Ice Cream Voice Folk, The Masque Web Maupassant Weird Sisters, The Mauritius Well of the World's End, The Memoirs Wife to the Headless Horseman Midsummer Wild Turkeys Mind the Gap Winchelsea Dround Mollie Whuppie Wind Chimes Moonlight Within the Ghostly Mansion's Labyrinth Mulberry Tree Variations, The Wolfsbane Murder in the Red Barn Zoar Mutability Cantos Mysterium Mystical Egyptian Cabinet, The Napoleons Necropolis Netherlands New Years Eve at the Flowers Boarding Hotel Night Nocturnes Nymphenburg Orchard Hill Owl was a Baker's Daughter, The Painter Palestrina Parrots Pendragon County Ghosts Pianos Platypus Plum Pudding Praying Mantis Questions, The Rainy Night at Lindy's Rasputin Rat Wives Ravished Red Ettin, The Red King's Dream, The Relativity Revenant, The Rooky Wood, The Rwanda Scarecrow Séance Séance Sexton, The Sin-Eater, The Sleigh Ride So This Is the Elephants' Burial Ground Something in the Basement Specter Stella Rose String Theory Swedish Movie Tale of the Johnson Boys, , The Tales from the Red Rose Inn The Giant Rat of Sumatra The Lost Girl The Mary Celeste The Passion of Merlin & Vivien in the Forest of Broceliande Things That Go Bump in the Night Three Turkeys Waiting for Corncobs Trap, The Under the Pomegranate Tree Waiting Walpurgisnacht Warburton's Cook Watchers, The Web What Shall I Do for Pretty Girls? William Roach at Valley Forge Wind Among the Reeds, The Witch Hollow Wonders of the Invisible World Revealed, The Woodman and the Goblins Wormwood Wraith    


Samuel French Titles by Don Nigro