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Jeff Gould

Jeff Gould

“It’s Just Sex” is Jeff’s second play. It has had several,  long running, successful productions in Los Angeles. It has also been produced in Denver, Colorado, Ontario, Canada, and Athens, Greece. In the world premiere, it won the Artistic Achievement Award for best original production of the year. Jeff’s critically acclaimed first play, “Troubled Waters,” also had an enormously successful run in L.A.  However, Jeff’s longest running production was his divorce, which lasted for 19 smash months. While they were together, he, and his ex, developed a husband and wife stand-up routine and they were actually hired one time to perform it at a local wedding. Between missing work and hiring a baby sitter, it cost them less than $500 for the gig. Jeff has had many articles published in the “Card Player” Magazine based on his career as a long time professional poker player. He has also acted in numerous plays throughout the Los Angeles area. Jeff says he loves writing about marriage and sex—two things he someday hopes to be good at.


Samuel French Titles by Jeff Gould