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John Mucci

John Mucci

John Mucci graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University, where he wrote and composed eleven musical plays with co-author Richard Felnagle. His musical, Another Tortoise, Another Harecoauthored with Felnagle, is published by Samuel French.He is also the author of several plays for the stage as well as radio and has been performed internationally. For 21 years he wrote, produced and directed corporate, training and motivational video for large companies such as GTE/Verizon, AT&T, IBM, and MasterCard. For PBS he wrote the scores to two Emmy Award nominated productions, as well as produced and directed a series of documentaries on art conservation and the creative process. His three-hour nationally broadcast teleconference with William F. Buckley, Jr. as host, "Uncovering Shakespeare" was unprecedented in scope, and won several major awards including the Golden Cine Eagle. 


Samuel French Titles by John Mucci