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Johnnie Mortimer

Originally a Cartoonist Johnnie teamed up with fellow cartoonist Brian Cooke and started to write for radio, notably MEN FROM THE MINISTRY, ROUND THE HORNE and STOP MESSING ABOUT. Soon thereafter they started writing for television, devising and writing series including FATHER DEAR FATHER, MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE, GEORGE AND MILDRED, ROBIN’S NEST, TOM DICK AND HARRIET, LET THERE BE LOVE, FULL HOUSE etc and Johnnie wrote NEVER THE TWAIN on his own. Four of their joint series have been adapted for US network television – THREE’S COMPANY, THE ROPERS, THREE’S A CROWD and FOOT IN THE DOOR. Many of the series have been adapted for television in other countries notably Holland and Germany. Johnnie and Brian wrote the screenplays for NO SEX PLEASE WERE BRITISH, MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE and FATHER DEAR FATHER. Their stage plays, WHEN THE CATS AWAY and SITUATION COMEDY have enjoyed considerable success around the world. A stage play was created from their television series TOM DICK AND HARRIET and premiered in Breunschweig, Germany with the title THE MERRY WIDOWER in 2009 and this too has proved popular internationally.


Samuel French Titles by Johnnie Mortimer