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Peg Lynch

Peg Lynch

Margaret Frances “Peg” Lynch, born November 25, 1916, in Lincoln, Nebraska--is the creator, star, and sole owner of the radio and television comedy series Ethel and Albert. Ethel and Albert (originally The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert) centers around the day to day life of a married couple, Ethel and Albert Arbuckle, living in the small town of Sandy Harbor. Peg first created the series in 1938 at Station KATE in Albert Lea, Minnesota. It moved on with her, first to WCHV in Charlottesville, Virginai, then to WTBO in Cumberland, Maryland with Willis Conover playing "Albert", and in 1944 it debuted nationally on ABC (then called The Blue Network) in New York with it's own 15-minute daily show, Peg continuing to play "Ethel" and Richard Widmark, "Albert". Alan Bunce took over the role six months later. The show moved to television in 1950 as a 10-minute segment on the Kate Smith Hour and in April 1953, Ethel and Albert was given its own half-hour program on the NBC network. NBC canceled the show in December 1954, but it found new life when it was picked up by CBS as a 1955 summer replacement. In the fall of 1955, the show shifted networks yet again, this time to ABC, where it stayed until May 1956. The series aired on CBS Radio starting in 1957, with the title changed to The Couple Next Door. Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce continued in the title roles with Lynch, as always, the sole writer. The Couple Next Door played for three years as a 15-minute program (758 shows) and ended in 1960. Ethel and Albert returned in 1963-1964 on NBC's Monitor program, played on National Public Radio's Earplay in 1973 and later in 1975 as The Little Things In Life. To the delight of her fans, Peg continues to perform her comedy shows at Old Time Radio Conventions around the country, as recently as 2013 in Cincinnati, where, as ever, she brought down the house.


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