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Warwick Moss

Warwick Moss

Warwick Moss did not enter the world of Theatre until his mid thirties. In 1980 he sold his popular Sydney bar and decided to become an actor. By 1983 he was still struggling to get roles so wrote a two-hander stage play in which he could act. No theatre company wanted to put it on so he hired the small Stables Theatre in the back lanes of night-life Kings Cross and put it on himself. It got rave reviews, won the Premiere's Literary Award and soon was headed to London and New York. The play was 'Down An Alley Filled With Cats'. Warwick acted in the American premiere in Dallas with Roy Dotrice, travelled as writer with the play for the next three years then returned to Sydney to resume his local acting career. Over the next three decades Warwick wrote four more plays, acted in many more, appeared in numerous TV dramas and hosted the long running international series on the supernatural 'The Extraordinary'. Over the past decade Warwick has used his skills as story teller, learnt from the craft of writing plays, to produce, film and edit over 100 hours of low budget documentaries on the human condition. The film script for Down An Alley Filled With Cats sits in a safe waiting to be produced.


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