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Don A. Mueller

When a fellow pastor made a suggestion to Rev. Don A. Mueller, then serving a small methodist church in Oakland, CA, Mueller liked the suggestion; Instead of seven dusty sermons on the last words of Jesus from the cross, what about seven playlets. Each reflection one of the sayings of Jesus. Mueller began to write, thus was born not only "Eyes Upon the Cross" but Muellers career as a playwrite.

"Eyes Upon the Cross" has been produced in 8 foreign contries and translated into Arabic in Jerusilim. Where for years, it was an anual production.

Using the same playlet format Mueller wrote "Look Back to the Hill" and "The Galalian Incidents."

Then a one act contemporary play, "The man in 316."

In a completely different mode Mueller wrote a melodrama with music, "Dreadful Doings at the Cider Mill," widely acclaimed for its skirt scene. Called "The funniest scene on the stage today."

His version of "The Wizard of Oz" delighted auciances, being performed in South Africa. 

Mueller's witty "Curious Vigil" is again in the playlet format. As is the collection of mini plays called "Nudges."


Samuel French Titles by Don A. Mueller