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Phillip Vassallo

Phillip Vassallo

Philip Vassallo has written numerous produced plays, including “What Do You Charge for Cure?”, “How Silent Do I Sound?”, “Do I Bleed in the Dark?”, “Isn’t This the Way You Wanted Me?”, "How You Get to Main Street?”, “The Spelling Bee”, “Ask Me”, “Everything Means Something Else”, “The Phoenix”, “The Community Service”, “Family Secrets”, “The AFI’s Top 10 Movie Quotes”, “Waiting”, and “So What If Life Is a Cliché?”. His published plays are “The Spelling Bee” (Samuel French), "Questions Asked of Dying Dreams" and "A Case-by-Case Basis: Four Short Plays" (Mgarr Publishing), “Everything Means Something Else”, “The Phoenix”, and “So What If Life Is a Cliché?” (Brooklyn Publishers); “Family Secrets” and “What Are You Running For?” (Hit Plays); and “The Eye Begins to See”, “The Author Makes No Difference”, "Every Day’s a Holiday", and "Hurry Hurry: Twelve Dramatic and Comedic Sketches" (Green Room Press). He is also the author of three instructional books ("How to Write Fast Under Pressure ", The Art of E-mail Writing", and "The Art of On-the-Job Writing"), two essay collections ("Person to Person: Essays from Two Centuries" and "The Inwardness of the Outward Gaze: Learning and Teaching through Philosophy"), and two volumes of poetry ("Like the Day I Was Born: 40 Poems, 40 Places, 40 Days" and "American Haiku"). He has received several honors: New Jersey State Council on the Art playwriting grant; Critic’s Choice, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival; Gettysburg College One-Act Play Festival Award; Finalist, Morton R. Sarett Playwriting Award, Ruby Lloyd Aspey Playwriting Competition, and White-Willis Theatre New Playwrights Contest; and Semifinalist, Park Avenue Methodist United Church Playwriting Festival, Albert Panowski New Play Award, and Strawberry One-Act Festival.


Samuel French Titles by Phillip Vassallo