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Shirley Sergent

Shirley Sergent

Shirley Sergent started writing plays in the second half of her adult life, the same time she was ready to put to sleep her years of general accounting.  Her first play, The Bet, was conceived while looking at Central Park from a twelfth  floor west side apartment window; however, her excitement of writing for stage started just before when she had a bit part in Feiffer's People.  It was the magic that happens on stage.   It mesmerized her. 

Since that time, Shirley Sergent wrote many plays that are still with her in varying stages of first, second, and third drafts.  These are full-length plays that once completed will match or expand beyond her play, Father's Prize Poland China, which won that National Student Playwriting Award.  Her other full-length plays that are works-in-progress are expected to be completed by the end of 2014. 

Ms. Sergent had a ten-year hiatus with writing plays when she taught English to high school students for the New York City Broad of Education.  Her time had to be devoted to the success of her students, but with her teaching of English, she always had the opportunity to teach playwriting.  She also taught at a performing arts school, which kept her connected to theater.

After Shirley Sergent retired from teaching, she has been writing again, and has had her plays read at American Renaissance Theater Company (ARTC) in New York City.  Although, more recently,  Shirley moved from  New York City to Portland, Maine when she lives and writes on Munjoy Hill.   She quickly learned about the Maine Playwrights Festival, which resulted in having some of her shorter plays performed  -   An Absence of Grey, We Can Fly, Hear Me-See Me-Touch Me, and Extreme Measures.  It is her create a book of her short plays.

Clearly, from when Shirley Sergent started to write to now, she can say unequivocally that the magic of writing for stage is still there.  So she wants theater people to be on alert, for she has more plays for production and publication.


Samuel French Titles by Shirley Sergent