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Dave Barton

Dave Barton

Dave Barton has nearly 60 years as a playwright and composer specializing in Children's/Family Theatre field. Barton wrote his first piece of music at age six: "To A Rose: (his first grade teacher changed the title to "Airplanes Fly" because the class was studying Airports). It was at that moment that Barton established his unique method for dealing with Editors ... he cried. Over the years, both Barton (and his 40 year writing partner, Matt Bond) established reputations as fine actors and directors. Barton continued to write and became a municipal Arts Administrator; Bond made a name for himself as a stage designer. Eventually the City of Long Beach, California asked the duo to adapt Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer for the musical stage. The show was so successful it was taken on a full-scale tour of Southern California (won numerous awards and became the official centennial production of the State of Colorado).  Tom Sawyer–An American Legend with Music, has subsequently been translated into numerous languages and produced in every state of the union and on nearly every continent. Other shows by Dave Barton include the full-scale musical Androcles and the Lion (plus a newly released non-musical version), Witches, Britches, Rings 'N Things; and Earthlings! The Environmental Musical (which won special recognition from the nation's Environmental Protection Agency).


Samuel French Titles by Dave Barton