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John McTavish

John McTavish

John McTavish, co-author of Skin Deep: The Story of Martin Luther King, has also edited three collections of short religious plays that are ideal for school assemblies and church worship services.

The title play of The Scarecrow and Other Non-Seasonal Plays addresses what we so often do to Christ and each other in His name by turning two anti-Christs and their barnyard followers against each other. "Quite simply the best chancel drama for teenagers that I have ever come across," says McTavish.

Bedlam in Bethlehem and Other Seasonal Plays offers a series of Christmas plays plus a stunning Passion play. The title play here dramatizes the responses of the Wise Men when they learn that Mary has given birth to a girl. "A girl!" they explode. "You can't have a girl for a Messiah.... No girl is going to have the strength to drive out evil spirits, or the power to clear a whole courtyard of loan sharks, or...." At which point Joseph pipes up, "Have you guys, uh, met my wife's mother yet?"

The title play of The Mouse's Discovery dramatizes the Christmas story from the perspective of the palace mice, the field mice and the stable mice. The  field mice make their entrance by crawling under the pews and brushing against the legs of the startled members of the audience/congregation. Only the grumbling soon gives way to laughter as people realize it's only the friendly field mice making their way to a  council meeting in the wake of the news of the impending birth of the new baby who is going to be the king of the Jews.

Skin Deep: The Story of Martin Luther King finds McTavish and Judith Brocklehurst dramatizing the main events in Martin Luther King's life as a leader of the American Civil Rights movement: "A powerful, affecting and haunting reminder of the non-violent struggles to overcome prejudice and racism that continue to affect us even today... This play deserves to be seen again and again." (Robin Mautner)


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