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Greg Cummings

Greg Cummings

Greg Cummings is a veteran playwright, teacher, director, and arts administrator. He is a member of Dramatists Guild. Mr. Cummings has been the recipient of a number of playwriting awards, including a five-year playwriting fellowship from The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation in which he travelled the east coast helping secondary school teachers help their students write plays. Currently available from French is his Kiss, Then Tell. Kiss, Then Tell is a series of nine very short romantic comedies written specifically for high school casts and audiences. Kiss, Then Tell is series of variations on a theme: each of these bittersweet, poignant one-act plays begins by discovering a young couple immediately AFTER their first kiss. Mr. Cummings has taught theatre and directed plays at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels for many years. Each year he has taught he has produced festivals of student-written plays, which now number over two hundred and fifty. He is currently writing a playwriting textbook.


Samuel French Titles by Greg Cummings