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Todd McGinnis

Todd McGinnis

Todd McGinnis is an award-winning professional playwright and actor. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada sometime before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and definitely after the end of World War II. He makes no claims or assertions that he had any significant part in the success of either venture. Mr. McGinnis is the prolific author of more than 20 full length and one-act play scripts that have been repeatedly produced by various companies. He thinks people "laughing a lot" or "gasping in terror in all the right places" or "applauding wildly" or "not demanding their money back" are signs that he knows what he's doing. His plays include farces Knave of Hearts and Thunderbolts and Dunderheads, contemporary comedies Gone Fishin' and Point of Viewing, and two of the comedies he co-authored with T. Gregory Argall: Self-Help by Dummiez and IN-SECURITY: An Alarmingly Romantic Comedy. His play Stage Fright, Or... "LAUGH? I Thought I'd DIE! is published by Samuel French. Many of his other plays are available in book from from Playing After Dark's online and on-demand publication service at: www.lulu.com/playingafterdark.


Samuel French Titles by Todd McGinnis