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Gregory Crafts

Gregory  Crafts

Gregory Crafts grew up wanting to be a Ninja Koala. However, because he thought his parents would frown upon a career choice that involved him working as a hench-bear for an evil sorcerer (ninja skills or not), he decided to study acting instead. In 2006, Mr. Crafts began writing the story that would become Super Sidekick (published by Samuel French) as a gift for his then yet-to-be-born nephew, Brody. Working on this story changed Mr. Crafts' life, as he got to know the girl of his dreams at the play's first reading. That girl, Jenn, became his best friend and later his wife, proving that you can live happily ever after. For more information about L.A. Theatre, trying to break into "the business" or what it is to be a fanatical follower of the Boston Red Sox, Mr. Crafts recommends you check out his web site, gregorycrafts.com.


Samuel French Titles by Gregory Crafts