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It is the mission of Samuel French to help you Make Theatre Happen by providing the tools and information needed to make the Licensing process clear, quick, and easy.  We encourage you to use this website and our world-class Licensing Team to learn more about the Licensing process.  Here are some basic questions we can answer to get us started:

Do I need a license?

Any performance of a work under copyright for an audience must be licensed, regardless of whether or not admission is charge, the performance is public or private, or for or not for profit.

Why do I need to license my production?

Licensing your shows ensures that playwrights and composers are being fairly compensated for the use of their work. 

How do I get a license?

Find a step-by-step guide here! Please remember that your License Agreement is not executed until we have received full payment of the licensing fees.  Purchase Orders are not considered payment.

The videos to your left will walk you  through Creating an Account, Placing an Order, Paying for a License, and Contacting Your Representative.  Have more questions that need answering?  Our Frequently Asked Questions page is a thorough and detailed resource to help with all aspects of obtaining permissions, ordering scripts, and adjusting the details of your license.  And, of course, our team of Licensing Representatives are available to assist every step of the way.  Find your representative and their contact information HERE.

On behalf of our authors and everyone here at Samuel French, thank you for choosing to work with us as we proudly Make Theatre Happen!

See you at the theatre!

Meet the team

Amy Rose Marsh
Literary Director

David Kimple
Licensing Manager

Carly Erickson
Licensing Administrator

Licensing Representatives:
Sarah Weber (K-12, Amateur Licensing Supervisor)
Rosemary Bucher (K-12)
Samantha Cooper (Collegiate)
Rebecca Schlossberg (Collegiate)
Kate Karczewski (Non-Professional)
Andrew Rincón (Non-Professional)
Nikki Przasnyski (Professional)
Theresa Posorske (Professional)

Customer Service:
Monet Hurst-Mendoza 
Customer Service Representative

Charlie O'Leary
Customer Service Representative

International Licensing:

Buddy Thomas
Director of International Licensing

Hilary Asare
Licensing Representative


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