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3 Bi-Sexual Comedies (Plus An Assortment of Plays) - Collection / Anthology, Comedy

3 Bi-Sexual Comedies (Plus An Assortment of Plays)

Norman Beim

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Collection / Anthology, Comedy

ISBN: 9780931231223

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: 3 Bi-Sexual Comedies (Plus An Assortment of Plays)

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance
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Collection / Anthology



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College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Large Stage, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are
Edith Byington is having an affair with Brenda Lewis, but she still mourns the death of her lover, Kenneth. Drew Timmons is having an affair with a married woman, yet he's still involved with a young man. A comedy about the vagaries of human sexuality. "A wry drawing room comedy written with a particularly endearing breeziness" - Playwrights Horizons

Love Among the Artists
Pamela Buford and Brian Hastings, two young actors, members of a local summer theatre company, get involved with a production of Othello, staring Keith Garrick and his wife, Kay Charles, two major stage stars. Keith has an offer from London to star as Othello in a repertoire that has Hamlet played by a black actor, and Othello played by a Caucasian. By staging the plays in stock he hopes to prove that color-blind casting doesn't make any sense. Romantic entanglements and ethnic casting are some of the problems that arise in this comedy. 

The Road Not Taken
Jeff has broken up with Audrey because she's rather cynical about his pursuit of a career as an author. When his brother, Don, who's pursuing a career as an actor, shows up, and Jeff learns about Don's secret life, Jeff has second thoughts about life and art and the world at large. "A most gifted playwright" - Horton Foote 

Choices is a valentine to the theatre. The leading characters are reminiscent of the Guitrys. Lucien Guitry was a legendary stage star in Paris, and his son, Sacha, was a popular actor and writer of Boulevard comedies. Henri (read Sacha Guitry) is facing a crisis. He's apprehensive about producing his first tragedy, which he's dedicating to the memory of his father. In addition to that, he's concerned about his son. The young man has agreed to appear in this new play, yet seems to have no interest in carrying on the family's theatrical tradition. "Norman Beim is the best. His dialogue is terse, precise and conveys ideas beautifully" - Maria Fratti

The Proper Technique
In order to meet her screen idol, Jack Gardner, May Strauss, the daughter of Leo Strauss, a famous guru, represents herself as a reporter for her university newspaper. Jack is intrigued by the girl, and is terrified about facing a Broadway audience for the first time. Jack's encounter with Leo and his method, leads to complications in regard to his return to the stage and his growing involvement with Leo's daughter. "You always tickle my funny bone" - Jerry Stiller

Politics As Usual
Andy Whitlock, a United States senator, is revealed sending nude pictures of himself to women on the internet. His marriage and his career are in danger. 

Kidding Around
A group of high school students have been harassing a female student who has ended up committing suicide. The young people are faced with the aftermath of their bullying.

Fancy Meeting You
Jessica, escorted by her sister, Patricia, has arranged to meet a stranger she's been corresponding with on the internet. The "stranger" turns out to be Jessica's own husband, Dennis. Patricia leaves the husband and wife to thrash out their thirty year old marriage. 

"Norman Beim ranks with the best in America today." Steve Kohn, WHBI Radio. 

"A wry drawing room comedy written with a particularly endearing breeziness" - Playwrights Horizons

"A most gifted playwright" - Horton Foote

"Norman Beim is the best. His dialogue is terse, precise and conveys ideas beautifully" - Maria Fratti

"You always tickle my funny bone" - Jerry Stiller
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Norman Beim

Norman Beim, a life time member of the Dramatist Guild, is a prize-wining playwright, veteran actor and director. His plays have been produced nationally and internationally and won a number of awards including the Robert J. Pickering Award (Coldwater Theatre), the David James Ellis Award (Theatre Americana), the Maxim Mazumdar Award (Alleyway Theatre) as well as the Samuel French Short Play Award ... view full profile

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