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The Actor's Guide to Agents

The Actor's Guide to Agents

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ISBN: 9780573750007

Find everything you need to know when looking for an agent or beginning your acting career. This comprehensive guide contains essential information for a wide range of talent agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other regions. It is updated on a quarterly basis to keep all the information new and fresh. 

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The Samuel French Actors Guide to Agents is a comprehensive directory guide containing essential industry and contact information for a wide range of talent agencies across the United States. The talent agent listings cover Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other regional markets including the tri-state area, greater California, Pennsylvania, and Florida. This quarterly publication also contains articles about industry professionals, in addition to other tips and resources that serve to help actors get their foot in the door and understand the business of acting. 

The Actors Guide to Agents is one of three parts to the Samuel French Actor's Suite:
1. FIND Use the Actor's Guide to Agents to discover the agencies that fit your style.
2. PREP Use Headshot Envelopes to go pro and showoff your look.
3. SEND Make sending headshots and resumes a breeze with Agent Labels

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