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A Brief Period of Time and Two Eggs Scrambled Soft - Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

A Brief Period of Time and Two Eggs Scrambled Soft

Don Rifkin

Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

ISBN: 9780822201519

A BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME. The place is a small southern town which Candy…

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Collection / Anthology

Dramatic Comedy

A BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME. The place is a small southern town which Candy left ten years earlier to go to college and then seek her fortune in the wider world; while Billy, her high-school sweetheart, stayed behind and went to work in the local sporting goods store. Now Candy is back, a young widow whose much older husband has left her well off financially, and Billy has stopped by, ostensibly to offer his condolences but, actually, to make an attempt to rekindle their old romance. The problem he encounters has to do with the time Candy came home on vacation from college and caught him fondling another girl—who has long since married someone else. But old memories rankle, and when Billy tries to arrange a date for the next night Cindy is less than compliant. However, as the play ends, the suggestion is strong that the good memories are beginning to overcome the bad and that they will soon be picking up where they left off all those many years before. (1 man, 1 woman.) TWO EGGS SCRAMBLED SOFT. The scene is a coffee shop in the university town where Jeff and Meryl have been living together for two years. Both are graduates of the university, and while Jeff has been content to stay on and work for a local research organization, Meryl, who has just returned from two weeks in New York City, has decided to take a job in an advertising agency there, much to Jeff's alarm. As he tries to come to terms with her sudden defection, while also instructing their toothsome young waitress just how he likes his eggs and toast, Jeff begins to realize that what he has to offer doesn't quite stack up against the lure of the big city and Meryl's new (albeit important) boyfriend, an artist named Marshall. Even a proposal of marriage fails to turn the tide, but as they prepare to leave, a ray of hope appears as the waitress (who has seen to it that Jeff's eggs have been prepared exactly as he asked) lets it be known that she appreciates him even if Meryl doesn't, and perhaps he'll stop by again. (1 man, 2 women.)
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