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A Cheever Evening - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

A Cheever Evening

A.R. Gurney, John Cheever

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822214588

John Cheever, master chronicler of America's post-war angst and aliena…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Adaptations (Literature)


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

John Cheever, master chronicler of America's post-war angst and alienation, and how it affected a burgeoning suburban class, left a storehouse of dramatic possibilities in his fiction, largely unexplored purely by dint of his chosen artistic medium: prose. In A CHEEVER EVENING, A.R. Gurney brings to light these possibilities through his mastery of stagecraft. Adapting no less than seventeen of Cheever's most funny and moving of stories, Gurney probes the affairs of that set of people (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) who once felt in the majority but soon found themselves in the twilight of their power and at the mercy of a changing world. Seen through the lens of A.R. Gurney's dramatic sensibility, Cheever's separate stories of a fragmented and lonely universe combine into a whole and resonant portrait—that of a culture which, while teetering on the brink of extinction, combats loss with humor, wit and feeling.
"Exhilarating! A first rate theatrical piece." —NY Times. "Three cheers for A CHEEVER EVENING! Diverting and marvelously entertaining! Gloriously funny!" —NY Post. "A marvelous play that captures the wry humor and the underlying melancholy of the author to whom it pays tribute." —NY Daily News.


3m, 3f


A.R. Gurney

A.R. (“Pete”) Gurney was born in 1930 in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Williams College in 1952, served as an officer in the Navy, and afterwards attended the Yale School of Drama. For many years, he taught literature at M.I.T., but moved to New York in 1982 to devote more time to writing for the theatre. He has won a fair amount of awards during his career, and is now a member of the ... view full profile

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