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A Devil Inside - Full Length Play, Comedy

A Devil Inside

David Lindsay-Abaire

Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822217527

Mrs. Slater has waited fourteen long years to tell her son, Gene, the …

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Mrs. Slater has waited fourteen long years to tell her son, Gene, the truth. And when he wakes up on his twenty-first birthday, she greets him with the customary banners and good wishes, and then gets to the point. "Your father was murdered. He was stabbed in the back and his feet were lopped off and thrown into a drainage ditch." Thus begins a comic and twisted journey of obsession and revenge. Gene would rather focus his attentions on Caitlin, a passionate literature major, than avenge the death of his 400-pound father who was killed in the Poconos Mountains while walking cross-country to lose weight. Caitlin barely notices the naïve young man and is, herself, obsessed with her Russian Lit professor, a tormented genius who thinks he's living in a Dostoyevsky novel. Suddenly, a mysterious woman named Lily stumbles into the family-owned laundromat, and is instantly struck by the pain etched into Mrs. Slater's face. Lily, in turn, is living with an absurdly dull appliance repairman who has taken to writing children's stories to jazz up his boring life, which gets progressively and horrifyingly thrilling the further he gets pulled into the unraveling events. Set in New York's Lower East Side, this frantic dark comedy, satirizes elements of nineteenth-century Russian novels, complete with seizures, hallucinations, a flooding city, nightmares, train wrecks and suicide, all wrapped around a murder mystery with a Rube Goldberg-like plot.
"Murder, gore and psychosis, all purposeful and funny…keep the house laughing for two hours." —NY Times. "Imagine Jules Feiffer channeling Lewis Carroll and you'll get some idea of Lindsay-Abaire's indescribably wacky play, which blends elements of Greek tragedy, Russian literature and millennial angst into one effectively paranoiac pastiche, savagely well realized." —LA Times.


3m, 3f

David Lindsay-Abaire

David Lindsay-Abaire

David Lindsay-Abaire was most recently awarded the 2008 Ed Kleban Award as America's most promising musical theatre lyricist. Prior to that, he received the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play Rabbit Hole, which premiered on Broadway at MTC's Biltmore Theatre. Rabbit Hole also received five Tony Award nominations, including Best Play, and the Spirit of America Award. His newest show, Shrek ... view full profile

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