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A Lovesong for Miss Lydia - Full Length Play, Comedy

A Lovesong for Miss Lydia

Don Evans

Full Length Play, Comedy

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822207009

Lydia Frazier, a widow in her seventies and a pillar of her church, is…

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Full Length Play



Interior Set

Lydia Frazier, a widow in her seventies and a pillar of her church, is living out her life with quiet dignity in her modest Philadelphia home. Her circumstances change, however, when, for reasons of loneliness (and a little extra income), she decides to take in a boarder. Her roomer turns out to be the charming, and apparently unscrupulous, Mahlon, who loses no time in working his wiles on his trusting, vulnerable landlady, despite the cautious warnings of her well-meaning, suspicious friends, Sarah and Ostell. And, for a time, it does appear that the suave, scheming Mahlon has bamboozled Miss Lydia into a course of action that will surely end in disenchantment and loss. But despite a series of sometimes funny, sometimes tense, confrontations, the sage and goodhearted old lady eventually proves that charity and understanding are more than a match for either duplicity or unfeeling prejudice and, as the play ends, it does indeed become a "lovesong" for its very remarkable and indomitable protagonist.
A highly imaginative and deeply affecting study of the sacrifice and bravery of two pioneer women—an Eastern-bred widow and her frail daughter—trekking westward in a wagon train. First produced by The Women's Project of New York's American Place Theatre. "…[a] playwright who commands the theatregoer's respectful attention." —NY Times. "…extraordinarily compelling…" —NY Post.


2m, 2f

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