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Accelerando - Full Length Play


Lisa Loomer

Full Length Play

1m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822215950

This romantic comedy employs twelve scenes to reveal a relationship th…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

This romantic comedy employs twelve scenes to reveal a relationship that spans an entire nighttime, because: A) with the way the world is speeding up nowadays, a nighttime is really what a lifetime used to be; B) HE's busy, and; C) SHE's in a rush. HE is a classical musician and filmmaker who lives for Art. SHE is a dancer determined to find Love. (The audience will ultimately be asked to vote on which is more important.) Other obstacles are their Mothers (Puerto Rican and WASP), who appear in dreams, or when reason takes a walk or a giant leap, leaving the door open for all mothers…And Fathers, who appear as slides—not quite flesh and blood, but still able to have left an impression. A live musician accompanies all the fun.
"To a classical musician, 'accelerando' means speed it up, but only in music, not in life. The word holds richer potency for a ballet dancer recovering from a broken foot, intent on finding true love by dawn on this particular New Year's Eve…Lisa Loomer's delightfully kinky romantic comedy ACCELERANDO…is inventive and absorbing…His mystical approach to life…bounces joyfully off her matter-of-fact belief in the romantic power of legal bonding." —Los Angleles Times. "Lisa Loomer's ACCELERANDO…puts a refreshing new spin on the familiar theme of looking for love in all the wrong (or possibly right) places…[the] Author's gift is an ability to treat her subject and subjects sympathetically while at the same time sticking them with keenly honed comic barbs." —Variety. "ACCELERANDO…is a carefree, unconventional and funny play." —Drama-Logue.


1m, 3f

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