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According to Goldman - Full Length Play

According to Goldman

Bruce Graham

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822222712

In an attempt to get back into the movie business, a screenwriter-turn…

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Full Length Play


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In an attempt to get back into the movie business, a screenwriter-turned-professor finds himself in an unorthodox collaboration with a student, while his wife struggles to define their evolving relationship. ACCORDING TO GOLDMAN pits the lure of fame and celebrity against domestic tranquility.
"ACCORDING TO GOLDMAN is a film buff's delight…packed with material twisting in different directions…brimming with plots and inter-intra character relationships, fantasy scenes, father-son issues, calls from the coast, movie nostalgia, reality checks, deals, trust, ego, and deception…we truly enjoy the ride, admire the technique and appreciate the turns…impressive display and well worth seeing. Bruce Graham is a major talent." —CurtainUp. "…highly entertaining and fascinating…a work that should appeal to movie and theater fans alike. Constantly surprising and often hilarious…does something that few works actually achieve nowadays, namely create rich and complex characters we passionately care about…Graham's writing truly sparkles, effortlessly…entirely fresh and captivating." —Talkin' Broadway. "Just when you think you have Bruce Graham's play ACCORDING TO GOLDMAN all figured out—just when you decide that it's Graham at his humorous best, with one-liners that make you laugh out loud—along comes the second act surprise…this turns out to be a play about change, about midlife crises and about Hollywood itself, warts and all…[William Goldman's] famous quote has come to be an anthem: 'Nobody knows anything'…there's more truth than poetry in that statement, which is also at the core of this engaging play. When a piece of stagecraft can make you laugh, make you think, make you sad and make you wiser, you've had a good night at the theater. ACCORDING TO GOLDMAN does all that…It's a pleasure to experience." —Central Record. "Bruce Graham's latest work is a savvy and insightful look at ambition, insecurity and duplicity among those who conjure up movie magic…packs a memorable emotional sting." —Courier Post.


2m, 1f

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