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All the Rage (Reddin) - Full Length Play

All the Rage (Reddin)

Keith Reddin

Full Length Play

8m, 2f

A blood-splattered body lies on the living room carpet at the start of…

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A blood-splattered body lies on the living room carpet at the start of ALL THE RAGE. By the end of this examination of our culture of violence, eleven characters have been killed, sent to prison or gone mad. Yes, ALL THE RAGE is a comedy. The action takes place in an unnamed city today, in a series of scenes that show the interconnected lives of ten characters. Among them are an estranged husband and wife, a gay couple, a criminal and his underage sister/lover, an eccentric millionaire and his former personal secretary turned video store owner. They all come in contact and set a chain of violent events in motion. A modern-day Jacobean Revenge Tragedy, ALL THE RAGE gives us a picture of a world spinning out of control, as everybody has a gun and is ready to use it.
"…dark, violent, funny, and highly theatrical Satire/Political Satire from the modern master of moral struggle and urban paranoia…[This] graphic comedy explores the fashionability of guns, and the fears and frustrations which lead people to use them…" —BackStage. "People who want to kill people may not be the craziest people in the world. They may be sitting at a nearby desk, living next door to you or looking back at you in the mirror…ALL THE RAGE investigates rage of the free-floating, menacing kind…[Reddin's] powerful, often hilarious displays of pent-up hostility ingeniously bring into play devices of opera and classical theater." —NY Times.


8m, 2f

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