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An Imaginary Life - Full Length Play

An Imaginary Life

Peter Parnell

Full Length Play

6m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822213949

Matt Abelman, a playwright and a divorced, middle-aged ma,n has found …

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Matt Abelman, a playwright and a divorced, middle-aged ma,n has found a lump that may or may not be malignant. As his fear of death overtakes him, the fabric of his life begins to unravel. He retreats to his typewriter, weaving fantastic tales while searching for a fictional way out of his very real problems. While we watch the tales unfold, are we seeing Matt's reality or his fantasies? Matt's tales become a play-within-a-play that is both dizzying and breathtaking. At a time when illness and premature death permeate our society, the play's positive philosophy of living life to the fullest is enormously uplifting.
Caught between reality and fantasy, Parnell's characters are both real, vibrant people, and at the same time, characters in a play of one of those people. When they are on stage—or not—they mirror the roles we all play. "Parnell has mixed fantasy and reality…He's a whiz at up-to-the-minute jokes." —NY Newsday. "Peter Parnell is a remarkably clever playwright." —NY Post.


6m, 1f

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