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Apple Pie - Collection / Anthology

Apple Pie

Terrence McNally

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822200611

In TOUR, we encounter an American couple being chauffeured through Ita…

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Collection / Anthology


Bare Stage/Simple Set

In TOUR, we encounter an American couple being chauffeured through Italy, imagining themselves to be ambassadors of goodwill despite their fatuous, patronizing chatter. Mixed in with their inane comments, to their driver and others, are references to their son in Vietnam and to the carnage there; but somehow they remain unable to comprehend the reality of the world they live in—and to be comfortable with the sense of privilege their money and freedom provide. (2 men, 1 woman, 2 bits.) NEXT is set in an Army Induction Center, where an overweight, overage and overwrought draftee has reluctantly reported for his physical. Confronted by an Amazon-like female sergeant, he tries every evasion he can think of to disqualify himself, but is ultimately shattered by the realization that nothing will stave off the inevitable. His final monologue, a harrowing exposure of bitterness and confusion, reveals the dilemma of a man to whom the meaning and purpose of his country have become unclear. (1 man 1 woman, 3 bits.) BOTTICELLI finds two American soldiers in the wilds of Vietnam (or any battle area) playing an intellectual guessing game while waiting for a trapped enemy soldier to show himself. They smoke, reminisce, play their game and wait. When the enemy soldier appears they coolly shoot him down and then go on reciting the great names of literature, philosophy and music; their total lack of reverence and concern for the man they have killed, the life they have taken, contrasting starkly with the humanistic concepts and erudition to which they have been exposed. (2 men, 1 bit.). The plays can be produced separately as one acts, or all together on a single bill. This latter basis is the only one on which the omnibus title APPLE PIE may be used.
This trio of biting, satirical, but always amusing vignettes, comprises an imaginative and telling comment on our contemporary society. "…a bitingly original look at some American attitudes." —NY Times. "…a powerful Satire/Political Satire on American callousness toward the Vietnam war and its implications for the country." —WCBS Radio.
Terrence McNally

Terrence McNally

Terrence McNally's most recent collaboration is the book for The Visit at Arlington's Signature Theatre with score by John Kander and Fredd Ebb. His most recent play Unusual Acts of Devotion premiered at the Philadelphia Theatre Company in 2008. His play Deuce played on Broadway in the 2006-2007 season. His play Some Men premiered in the 2007 season at Second Stage Theatre. Mr. McNally also ... view full profile

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