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Auto-Destruct and The Rhesus Umbrella - Collection / Anthology

Auto-Destruct and The Rhesus Umbrella

Jeff Wanshel

Collection / Anthology

AUTO-DESTRUCT. Briefly described, the action of the play is "the story…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

AUTO-DESTRUCT. Briefly described, the action of the play is "the story of a man who robbed the Bank of Mexico and married a gas station attendant." To be sure, there's a bank robbery; a double-cross; a getaway scene; and a passel of sneaky, slimy Mexican heavies who, after being shot, shortly reappear in different costumes. And the hero does marry the person who repairs his car—although with identities shifting so rapidly it's not always easy to tell who's who. But, in this wildly funny parody of the Hollywood western, it is the action that counts and the zany, offbeat, imaginative lunacy that the author provides in nonstop profusion. (7 men.) THE RHESUS UMBRELLA. The setting is a laboratory, where scientists are probing into the nature of love by experimenting with giant Rhesus monkeys. The son of one of the scientists is in love with the daughter of another—but she is committed to her father's research. The solution: The son dresses in a monkey suit; thereby fooling the nearsighted scientists; winning the fair maiden; and bearing out the theory that while love between Rhesus monkeys is an impossibility, love between a monkey and a human being may well be the wave of the future. (6 men, 3 women.)

Jeff Wanshel

Jeff Wanshel. Mr. Wanshel's plays, including The Disintegration Of James Cherry, Isadora Duncan Sleeps With The Russian Navy, and Auto-Destruct have been seen at: A.C.T. (San Francisco), The American Place (NYC), B.B.C. Radio (London), Circle Rep (NYC), The Dodgers at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, La Jolla Playhouse (San Diego), Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center, Magic Theatre of San Francisco, ... view full profile

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