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Avenue of Dream - Full Length Play

Avenue of Dream

Elyse Nass

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822200833

Olga is trapped in a mean threadbare existence with a mother who taunt…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Olga is trapped in a mean threadbare existence with a mother who taunts her for her plainness, her lack of marital prospects, and the fanciful stories which she writes in a pathetic attempt to transcend drab reality. Deserted by her husband, the mother believes that her latest boyfriend will marry her, and while Olga knows better, she cannot, despite their bickering, bring herself to shatter her mother's dream. So together they plan the bright future which a new home and new way of life will bring, and neither can speak the truth which they both know—that "he" will not be coming tonight, or perhaps ever. All they really have is each other and the need to keep alive even futile hopes against the consuming grayness of their lives.
This highly imaginative and affecting examination of a mother-daughter relationship was first presented Off-Off-Broadway in New York, and subsequently broadcast on radio in New York, California and Czechoslovakia. "…strong and haunting." —Hollywood Reporter. "…gives every detail an importance and echo of its own." —LA Times.




Elyse Nass

Elyse Nass is a New York City based, award winning playwright. Her plays have been produced in New York, around the United States, Canada and abroad. Her trilogy, Three One Act Plays About the Elderly is published by Samuel French. The plays included in this collection are Second Chance, Admit One, and The Cat Connection. Productions include regional theatres such as The San Diego Repertory ... view full profile

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