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Baptized to the Bone - Full Length Play

Baptized to the Bone

Dave Johnson

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822220671

Ottis, a strapping young man in a small Southern town, is creating a "…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Ottis, a strapping young man in a small Southern town, is creating a "Gospel Poetry Opera." He is dying to go away and produce the work in New York but has no money and few prospects—until he decides to hustle Gladys, a local preacher's wife. At first, Gladys appears an easy mark for cash, but she has artistic aspirations of her own, and her demands on Ottis soon multiply. What Gladys doesn't know, however, is that Ottis is also hustling her husband, Henry, a preacher. The hustles deepen, complications ensue, and events take a completely unexpected turn. Ottis, Gladys, and Henry learn the hard way, that sometimes, deception gets you exactly what you want.
"2004 Outstanding New Play!" —Dallas/Fort Worth Theatre Critics Forum. "Taking risks…mixing a couple of potent ingredients, religion and sex." —Dallas Morning News


2m, 1f

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is a graduate of The University of the Arts and has been a Philadelphia-based actor for the last six years. Previous Philly fringe hits include 2009's The Jersey Devil, and 2008's The Giant Squid. Mr. Johnson was last seen playing a cybernetic troublemaker with a spinning heart in the Berserker's Annihilation Point, an out of this world hora-trage-comedy. This remounting of the show ... view full profile

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