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Bargains - Full Length Play


Jack Heifner

Full Length Play

2m, 3f

At the beginning of BARGAINS, the female clerks in the local discount …

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At the beginning of BARGAINS, the female clerks in the local discount store are preparing for a mid-summer sale and gossiping over marked-down goods that nobody wants. Sally, prim and conservative, still lives with her tyrannical mother. Mildred, brassy and funny, lives in a trailer with her brother, Lothar, a failed, colorblind hairdresser who has never found himself. When the department store closes, the world as these women know it comes to an end. Although opposites in all respects, Sally and Mildred become allies and then friends as they rearrange the people who encumber their lives. After much maneuvering with the semi-suicidal Lothar, Mildred sends him off in the trailer to make a new start in California with his lover Dennis, a florist who is allergic to flowers. Sally confronts her domineering mother for the first time in her life and decides to let Mildred come to live in their house. Having inherited Dennis' flower shop, the two friends begin new careers, a new business and new lives.
A delightful new comedy about working women in a small Texas town where mothers name their little girls Diana and Fergie. There, Sally and Mildred, two clerks in a failing downtown discount store, lose their jobs but manage to recapture their lives. "Jack Heifner's new female-bonding comedy about department store workers in a small Texas town is…funny…touching…" —Variety.


2m, 3f

Jack Heifner

Jack Heifner

Jack Heifner is the author of over thirty plays and musicals produced in New York, Los Angeles, and theatres around the world. He is best known for the play version of Vanities, which ran for five years in New York, is published by Samuel French, and became one of the longest running plays in Off-Broadway history. He is also the author of Patio/Porch, Boys' Play, Home Fires, Comfort and Joy, ... view full profile

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