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Been Taken - Full Length Play

Been Taken

Roger Hedden

Full Length Play

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822201038

BEEN TAKEN opens on the campus of an all-women's college where John, a…

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BEEN TAKEN opens on the campus of an all-women's college where John, a student at another university, meets Margaret, a student photographer, at a dance. The couple return to Margaret's room where they make love. A few days later, John opens the door to Steve, Margaret's boyfriend who coincidentally lives in the same dormitory, and who accuses John of having sex with Margaret against her will. John defends himself, knowing the accusation is false, and assuring Steve he didn't know Margaret even had a boyfriend. The scene gets ugly, but the fight is broken up just in time. Years later, John and Steve again cross paths when they are forced by circumstances to be the agents of a business deal together. John meets Steve, and his wife, Jill, for a business dinner that ultimately settles old scores and jealousies.
This brutally incisive and often funny play follows the intersecting lives of a group of young adults coming to terms with their expectations. "An exceptional new play…Hedden digs deep into the hearts of his characters, revealing them in swift, illuminating strokes that hit like lightning. A stunning work…" —Chicago Tribune. "The effectiveness…can be gauged not only in the quantity of the laughter it generates (plenty) but in quality." —Chicago Reader.


3m, 3f


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