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Bethany - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy


Laura Marks

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

2m, 4f

ISBN: 9780822229070

At the height of the foreclosure crisis, single mother Crystal loses m…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy



Unit Set/Multiple Settings

At the height of the foreclosure crisis, single mother Crystal loses more than her house. She struggles to stay positive, though—with plenty of help from a roommate with conspiracy theories, a motivational speaker with a secret and her colleagues at the local Saturn dealership. But optimism is no match for a bad economy, and before long Crystal's desperate quest to regain what she’s lost turns into the fight of her life. This darkly comic thriller explores just how far we'll go to get back what's ours.
"…with a supremely balanced sense of storytelling and an economic gift for language, [Marks] announces herself here as a real talent to watch." —The New Yorker. "…rare among new American plays in the clear, compassionate attention it pays…Ms. Marks' disturbing, incisive drama suggests that the bruising exigencies of our depressed economy are scraping away at the surface civilities of American life." —NY Times. "…hard-boiled and timely." —Time Out NY. "…a brisk Hobbesian thriller…Marks dances the razor's edge." —New York Magazine. "…tough, disturbing and delightfully unsentimental." —NY Newsday. "…palpitates evenly with a nearly sadistic flow between moments of lightness and darkness." —Washington Square News. "In Hebrew, the word 'Bethany' means 'house of misery' or 'poor house.' But don't let that etymology fool you. There are dramatic riches here." —Village Voice. "Crystal is a new kind of heroine for the stage…[BETHANY] gives you an unsettling feeling that the lead character could be anyone, including you." —NY AmsterdamNews. "[BETHANY] happens to put the lie to the American Dream…wonderfully provocative." —NY1.


2m, 4f

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